Jazz Room

In the totalitarian State of Vichnygorod, Piotr Petrowicz is arrested by the Authorities under the charge of conspiring with a terrorist organization known as “Ecumenical Lucidness”. Is he a terrorist? And what is the “Jazz Room”? Does it really exist or is it the figment of malicious imagination? A mind-blowing dystopian mystery, uncompromising and twisted from

At the Whiskey County

Harry and Larry are inseparable friends, incurable bikers and lovers of fine whiskey. One night they decide to compete in a speed race on the main highway of the Whiskey County with their motorcycles. The Whiskey County, however, is run by ruthless sheriff Horton who strictly forbids the entry to bikers and who is notorious

Gerard & the father

Gérard’s relationship with his father is a peculiar one. His father is old, grumpy, alcoholic, chauvinist, homophobic, overbearing, sexist, foulmouthed. There is however a problem considerably greater than that. Gérard’s father is actually dead. Which means that Gérard is either having hallucinations or he’s going through some transcendent metaphysical experience. Whatever this may all be,