Gerard & the father

Gérard’s relationship with his father is a peculiar one. His father is old, grumpy, alcoholic, chauvinist, homophobic, overbearing, sexist, foulmouthed. There is however a problem considerably greater than that. Gérard’s father is actually dead. Which means that Gérard is either having hallucinations or he’s going through some transcendent metaphysical experience. Whatever this may all be, he will set out to discover the solution to his mystery with the assistance of his family and of psychiatrist Dr Isabelle Pinot.

A romantic tragicomedy of twists about life, death, love, loss, despair and… murder.

“Gérard & the father” received two awards:
1) The First Literature Award from the Panhellenic Association of Writers in 2018.
2) The First Literature Award at the 8th International Literature Contest held by E.P.O.C. (Hellenic Culture Association of Cyprus) under the aegis of UNESCO.


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