Jazz Room

In the totalitarian State of Vichnygorod, Piotr Petrowicz is arrested by the Authorities under the charge of conspiring with a terrorist organization known as “Ecumenical Lucidness”. Is he a terrorist? And what is the “Jazz Room”? Does it really exist or is it the figment of malicious imagination?
A mind-blowing dystopian mystery, uncompromising and twisted from start to finish.

The novella “Jazz Room” received the Second Literature Award from the Panhellenic (Greek) Union of Writers in 2015.

This edition also includes three short stories by the same author:
“Labyrinth” – Praise from the Panhellenic Union of Writers (2013)
“Acid rain” – First Literature Award from the MONITOR Press (2012)
“The abattoir worker”


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